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2011 Submissions

Fireworks Day Fireworks Day Rated Stars In the UK, on the 5th of November. it's bonfire night! Other Ratty's Weekend: Sunday Ratty's Weekend: Sunday Rated Stars If "Ratty's Weekend: Saturday" was "Star Wars", this is "The Empire Strikes Back" Action The Stolen Cake The Stolen Cake Rated Stars Half-minute claymation made by five people. I put it on Newgrounds with their permission. Other The Sword of Power The Sword of Power Rated Stars Just under a minute long... Drama Al in Wonderland Al in Wonderland Rated Stars A drugged out take on the classic story 'Alice's Adventures in Wonderland' Ratty's week: Sunday Ratty's week: Sunday Rated Stars The last one in the series, two-and-a-half minutes long and unrelated to previous episodes Ratty's week: Saturday Ratty's week: Saturday Rated Stars Special five-minute episode (unrelated to previous episodes) that parodies Doctor Who Action Ratty's week: Friday Ratty's week: Friday Rated Stars You need to see Thursday's episode to be able to understand this. TGI Friday! Drama Ratty's week: Thursday Ratty's week: Thursday Rated Stars The first episode in a brand-new two-part story, unrelated to previous episodes. Drama Ratty's week: Wednesday Ratty's week: Wednesday Rated Stars A brand new story in the series, unrelated to the the first two episodes Ratty's week: Tuesday Ratty's week: Tuesday Rated Stars You will need to have seen the first episode (Ratty's week: Monday) to understand this one Ratty's week: Monday Ratty's week: Monday Rated Stars First episode in a new series about schoolboy mouse Ratty's week. Episodes released daily. Drama Orange Advert Parody Orange Advert Parody Rated Stars Orange has a brand new phone... Other Stick Movie! Stick Movie! Rated Stars Why have good drawings when you can have good animation instead? Warning: Strobe lighting! Action Go Dancin' Go Dancin' Rated Stars A 60-second stop-motion experimental musical animation - COMPLETELY RANDOM!!! Experimental